Bullet Woodscrew
This is all the FIRE POWER you WILL need.

What does this mean for you?

  • Quicker turnaround on the job
  • Increased drill battery performance

Lock 'N' Load

discover Bullet woodscrews

    Faster than a speeding...
  • It’s strong - Made from high quality treated steel
  • It’s long lasting - The screws are zinc and yellow passivated - this offers exceptional corrosion resistance that lasts long after the job has been completed
  • It’s fast - Features like the hi-tech wax coating, corkscrew tip, thicker shaft and the flute all combined, enables the Bullet screw to be powered into any type of wood, quick, clean and efficiently
The Screw hard fast true. Select a radar to find out more about Bullet screws. Radar 1 Radar 2 Radar 3 Radar 4


  • Exceptional insertion strength
  • Superior holding strength

Crown Ribbed Countersink *

  • Self-counterskining
  • Strong head shank junction
* Countersink design functionality applicable to screws 4mm and above

Thicker Shaft

  • Strong shaft delivers less breakages

Cork Screw Tip

  • Exceptional pick up speed
  • 'Powers' into any wood type

The FREE Impact bit - Find our more

Red Bullet Impact Bit

Its red shank allows flex, absorbing the stresses of impact drivers and larger screws, reducing the risk of snapping.

Pozi Square Drive ® (PSD) head recess grips the screw head securely, giving the best fit - this results in better screw driving performance.


Radar 1 Radar 2 Radar 3

Secure latches

  • Keep the product in place

Clear size tabs

  • Designed to show screw size so you have the right screws for the right job

Strong & sturdy

  • Case holds up to 19,200 screws
  • Maximum weight - 15Kg

Never be short of the screws you need with the Bullet Ammo Case-the ultimate storage solution:

  • Designed to be loaded with Bullet ‘magazines’
  • Choose the Bullet screws you want

Build Your Supplies. Ready for Action!


1. Select you bullet.
2. Discard the sleeve.
3. Load the Ammo case.



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Win with Bullet Woodscrews!!

Bullet is on a mission to find Britain's fastest screwer! Join us at the following events and take part in a competition to win a number of prizes including a Royal Enfield Bullet Bike.

What you need to do: Drill 5 screws into a piece of wood in the fastest time and you could win!!